Djam through Active Night in London

Djam through Active Night in London


Through further Djam Night circumference. Having premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May, Djam Through the Night will be screened at the London Film Festival, 10 to 21 October 2012. The festival is organized by the British Film Institute and this year is organizing the 56th.

Gita Fara of the organizers roadshow TMNL explains, “After coming down from the cinema we would often get questions when the film will be screened, probably because TMNL played briefly once at the cinema. (FI noted TMNL played for three weeks in May 2011, in seven cities ) There also are asking when the DVD will be released, while we have no plans for that. That’s why we finally decided to do a roadshow. ” After Jakarta screenings will be held in Bali, at the end of September. “We also hope that the film community in some regions want to cooperate with us, to hold screenings in their respective places,” added Gita.
Together with TMNL, in Kinefriends program, will also be screened several movies out now films directed by Ismail Basbeth. Screening entitled “Who The Fuck is Ismail Basbeth?” This will play directed five short films from 2008-2012. One is the Shelter which was the official selections at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, in January. Not only in Kineforum, director this Jogja will also play films in several places in Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta.

At the London Film Festival, Through the Night Djam members of the Treasures from the Archive, a special program of classic films that have been restored. Through Djam Night will be played on October 19, at 18:00 local time, at the BFI Southbank building. Usmar Ismail’s film will be screened along with 17 other world-class films, including Lawrence of Arabia (David Lean, 1962), Tess (Roman Polanski, 1979), What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (Robert Aldrich, 1962), Wings (William Wellman, 1927), and Bonjour tristesse (Otto Preminger, 1958).

In the country, Through the Night Djam just finished outstanding for seven weeks in theaters tissue from late June until mid-August. Through the Night Djam played in one of the national television station on August 17. Sinematek friend is planning a screening of the circumference in the near future.
September was Kineforum comes with Kinefriends program to answer the many requests an alternative screening room for film makers. Sugar Nadia as manager Kineforum explains, “Actually, this is not a program that is completely new. It has been some time it is run. There are some filmmakers and festival organizers who came to us and proposed to use Kineforum as a screening, they are often also own own programs, Kinefriends is a container for it. So the creators or the festival organizers could determine the program, and also run their own systems, for screening. ”

This month Kineforum choose roadshow The Mirror Never Lies (TMNL) and screening of several short films titled “Who The Fuck is Ismail Basbeth”, as filler Kinefriends program. After playing in theaters and won several awards at national and international festivals, TMNL make Jakarta as a starting point roadshownya. Kamila Andini noted film as the Best New Comer at the Asian Film Award, HongKo

Nobar in 12 Cities

Nobar in 12 Cities


Director of Historical and Cultural Values, Endjat Djaenuderadjat said, is ready to facilitate the preservation of films inspiring the nation’s children through several programs. One is to watch together (nobar) involving at least 1200 students from elementary, middle and high school to college students in the 12 cities and counties throughout September and October.

Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara) became the first location to watch together activities that involve students elementary through high school level as well as students. Film limits become one of the films screened at the event by xmovies8 co presenting PERFORMANCE Kupang 500 students and teachers attended the first screening of the day at the Hall El Tari NTT Provincial Governor’s Office.

Furthermore, watching together will be held in Jayapura (Papua), Aru Islands (Moluccas), Maros (South Sulawesi), Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan). Malang (East Java), Gunung Kidul (Yogyakarta), Brass (West Java), Lebak (Banten), Palembang (South Sumatra), Padang (West Sumatra) and Banda Aceh (Aceh).

In this nobar students not only watch but also to peel the film along with a director or an actress / actor supporting the film. There are five films shown in this nobar event: Garuda in my chest 2, Lima Eagle, Boundary, Negeri 5 Menara and Ruma Maida. The plan nobar will become an annual event.

“Instilling love of homeland, establishing a culture of honesty has been given by subjects in school, but we are trying to find a more effective way and tie into the world of young children … one of them through the film,” said Deputy Minister of Education and Culture Wiendu Nuryanti.


Cinema People

“Do not imagine that the movie was always to be in a cinema that is well prepared for the sound system, screen, soundproof room and special seating. We want the building a cultural center in the area can be empowered and transformed into a film screening and discussion, “said Wiendu.

Ideally cinema people can be held in provinces that do not have a means of cinema. “We will help to provide a means of supporting the establishment of folk theater, especially in the areas of active art community and understand the correct map of the development of art and culture in the region.”

Ideally, the funds needed 500 billion per year to support the nation’s character through the nursery program screenings quality education schemes and interesting to watch. “We are optimistic that the budget 500 billion, now the new government is able to allocate 100 billion per year for programs that cater character development through cinema,” said Professor of tourism Gadjah Mada University.

“Because Indonesia has 400 regencies / cities, if on average every year to watch together in 100 cities, the completion of up to four years,” he said. Currently, the new budget enough for the 12 cities and fought for the next year could rise 50 cities.

7 Important Factors In On-Page SEO Blog, check every page of your site!

7 Important Factors In On-Page SEO Blog, check every page of your site!


It has been painstakingly write an article on the blog but has not been able to appear as well in the search engines. Already struggling hunt backlink but has not yet entered page 1? Perhaps the problem is on-page SEO on your web page.

For those who do not understand, I explain a little bit about on-page SEO. In general, #SEO divided into two, namely on-page and off-page. Off-page SEO means we optimize beyond our own website for example by looking for backlinks.

SEO on-page is the opposite of the off-page, we optimize from within our own website. Many people often forget on-page SEO factors blog. As a result, any links that are built, the website has not yet entered page # 1 of Google.

For those who experience this, please check the articles on your blog by 7 the following list.

1. Title Page and Article Title

The page title is one of the main keys of the on-page SEO. Usually when we do a search on Google, the page title is displayed with a large size blue. This shows the importance of the page title.

Usually the same page title with the title of the article. But for WordPress users, the title page with the title of the article can be distinguished with the help of WordPress SEO plugin or All-in-one SEO Pack.

Distinguishing the title page with the title of the article can sometimes help SEO because we can optimize the page title with certain keywords without changing the title of the article in order to remain readable.

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2. Meta Description

Meta description that some words or phrases that appear below the page title in the Google search results. With SEO plugin I mentioned above, we can change the meta description for each article so that we can target the keywords we want.

Besides its importance to SEO, write a good meta description can also help people who do a search on a search engine. By writing the meta description, Google users will be able to read the key points of our web page in search engines.

3. URL

Make sure the keywords that we target also appears in the URL and no typographical errors. For WordPress users, the format of the URL can be set via the Settings menu> Permalink. Moreover URL can also be changed manually every time we edit the article. Untukkepentingan SEO, URL shorter the better.

4. Content Optimization

Three factors above each important to support SEO, but the most important is the content. There are two main types of errors of content optimization. The first is less optimized, the latter actually excessive optimization.

For the first error, lack of optimization, there are usually several causes. For example, the article is too short so it is not considered important by #Google. Good article usually has 500 words, minimal. In addition, the article we may not contain targeted keywords.

The second mistake, terlalubanyakoptimasi, often carried out by Indonesian bloggers. The most common is to use keyword targeted most. So many, to the extent that the article is no longer palatable to read because the sentences imposed. Coupled with the ‘trimmings’ such as bold, italic, and understrike.

If we look back at the years 2009-2010, excessive optimization like this may still be a positive impact. But given Google’s increasingly sophisticated algorithm, excessive optimization it will decrease the quality of the website.

As I wrote on my website, good articles written by humans for humans, not search engines. In addition to SEO, article writing is good and true also of course have a positive impact on readers.

5. Images and Other Media

Many debates about the image, whether influential for SEO or not. What is clear, images and other media such as video is quite important for a blog that is not monotonous.

As well as articles, images can also be optimized redundant. For example, by using the keyword as the title image + alternative tags. To be safe, give the title according to the picture and use alternative tags to describe the image briefly.

6. Link Internal

Internal link structure of a website can help make it more SEO friendly. What is meant by internal links are links between each of the relevant articles in the website. For example, in the article we discuss a little bit about the article B. Give the link of the article A to article B, something like this could have a positive impact for SEO.

Avoid doing internal links when the article is not relevant at all, do naturally. Do not also put a link to the same page. Besides useless, can also interfere with the reader. Feature ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ on the WordPress platform should also be used to build a solid structure of the blog.

See also: 3 Key Elements In A Website SEO

7. Time Loading Websites

Google love with the website loading time is short. They themselves had stated that the search results are also prioritizing website fast. There are several factors that determine the length of time loading.

A. The size of the page: Influenced by design, scripts, images, and other media. Reduce the use of images and scripts such as Java Script especially Flash to accelerate loading website. Selection of the blog template should also be lightweight.

B. The hosting service: For the blog hosting in Web 2.0 such as Blogger,, Tumblr, or the like, it does not matter. But for those who use independent hosting services, you should use quality hosting.

That’s 7 things I always check every time a new article published on my blog. Have your article is optimized for on-page SEO?

Botox – What Is It?

Botox – What Is It?                  Botox  will be   an  injectable substance  it is a  medical grade  application form   of a  botulinum toxin A,  in addition  called botox botulism.  this can be a  medical protein  This really is  injected  in   your  muscles  of the  face  for you to  minimize  ones  appearance  connected with  furrows  AND ALSO  lines.

Although  your  words botox  AND ALSO  botox botulism sound frightening there  is actually  nothing  for you to  worry about.  your  fact  will be   The item  nobody  have been  harmed  from  botox  as well as  had  a great  allergic reaction  for you to  it.  a good  lethal injection would consist  involving  2,500  –  3,000 units! Cerebal palsy sufferers  are usually   granted  doses  involving  botox  Just as  high  As  1,000  products  routinely  in order to  them  with the  associated muscle spasms.  As   the  average dose  with regard to   visual  reasons  can be  75 units,  This can be  extremely safe.
Botox - What Is It Continue Reading

Botox – What Does It Do?

Botox – What Does It Do?                   with the  hype  IN ADDITION TO  insanity  over   an individual   getting  Botox injections  intended for  everything  by   a great  sagging chin  in order to   an  droopy eyelid,  solitary   offers   to be able to  wonder  just  what  This is   This  Botox does  AND ALSO  how exactly does  The item  work?

To  recognize  exactly what Botox  is actually   ALONG WITH  what  The item  does,  i   initial   be required to   examine   simply just  how  the actual   remarkable  miracle  regarding  modern science came  for you to  be.

Botulinum toxins,  which can be  what Botox basically comes from, were  primary  researched back  with the  good old 60s  through   your current  hippie era.  Originally  your current  purpose  of   your   feel   to  treat neurological disorders.   with  1989 Botox  am  finally  verified   by the  FDA  to  treat eye muscle  Circumstances   including  blepharospasm, uncontrollable blinking, strabismus, crossed eyes  and in some cases  wrinkles.   on the  year 2000  The item   was   validated   to help  treat cervical dystonia.   this is the  disorder  This  causes severe neck  AS WELL AS  shoulder contractions  AS WELL AS   a good  very unusual side effect  of  eye disorder treatments.   inside   it\’s  research, doctors discovered  The idea  Botox softened  your own  frown lines between  your current  eyebrows.   The idea   was   right after   the actual  discovery  It  Botox officially came  in  existence  ALONG WITH   are  FDA  approved   from  April 15, 2002.

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What May Happen If Your Result Engine Oil as well as Dry Out

The consequences or maybe impact whether or not your oil runs out as well as dry car, WORK WITH of your oil with the car engine very rental mobil banjarmasin , very important, your current engine oil is what retains the engine will certainly still spinning, It is conceivable whether your own machine The item spins in high speed without virtually any lubrication.


The absence connected with oil for the engine will damage ones engine car, ones expensive cost to help repair the machine along withthe time frame course for the damage would be severe. Signs associated with engine oil runs out is usually known effortlessly It typically rough machine will certainly sound along withthe indicator light will certainly turn in While the engine oil life.

The Effects Engine Oil as well as Oil Dry Car Engine Out:
1. entire car engine will probably Loss
2. Machine Component is actually deformed due in order to friction metal to metal
3. Bearing with Kruk had to replace ones damaged Equally new.
4. no matter whether the bearing defect, your possibility involving bearing with crutches In the same way may rotate inside crutches Equally along with damage towards the engine block.
5. Just as Kruk is usually disabled in addition to are unable to be used again be asked to buy a fresh engine As
6. Stang damaged Seker
7. your current cylinder wall defects along with sometimes must be oversized and also whether or not your own machine can\’t Oversize since the engine block material used, In the event replace booring in recognized size.
8. Stang seker in addition to piston rings will probably jam charred or perhaps scorched can also occur.

Tips to be able to Avoid Oil Out
1. settlement ones oil level every car will probably run, view Tips on how to transaction Car Engine Oil

2. Every car Oil Change ASSISTANCE Intervals

3. with regard to cars with low ground clearance to be a sedan throughout general always alert each pass road rocky rough or maybe broken asphalt This including crankcase oil does not leak While concept to help impact.

4. if indeed crankcase oil leak due to be able to challenging impact and also cause ones oil runs out and also the oil lamp is usually lit, do not turn to the machine at just about all times, much better call the garage for you to geret car to the nearest garage.

5. directly fix ones oil leak before when i are not aware incase your car engine oil can be up through oil seeping an little bit.

Picture picture above is individual result of automobile oil dry or even depleted due to help leak for its engine crankcase tub hit which has a tricky object in addition to keep your own engine will be turned on.

Hope This is useful.

Place Installing Solar Water Heaters

Supplier of solar water heaters You certainly have the expertise to provide the recommendation place and the right system for you. However, before making a final decision, let’s look back for consideration in choosing a solar water heating system you.

Ideally, the installation must remain at least 80 percent of the hours of 9: 00-03: 00. Bersiufat units for seasonal, in the summer period is very important. Shadows can come from your own home, from trees or bushes around your house, and from buildings or trees neighbors.
If the solar water heater will be used during months in the winter, taking into account that the shadow will be longer during the winter, because the position of the sun will be down.

During the winter months in cold (non-tropical regions), a tree or a building height of six meters can produce a shadow of ten meters or more, which may jual solarcell significantly shade a collector mounted on the ground or on the walls of your home.
It is important to note, that in many places there is no law that prevents a neighboring building or planting something that could shade your collectors.

To reduce heat loss, all of the installation site should allow the insulated collector pipes can pass through roof or wall, it is best to point adjacent to the collector. The pipes must be through the closet, the space on the wall or floor, also to the basement. Pipe mounted on the outside of the house should be coated with insulating jacket to protect from ultraviolet degradation, which causes increased losses due to heat loss, and make sure the installation does not diminish the aesthetics of the house. Some systems use the pipe that combines water supply pipes, hot water pipes and cables into a single bundle, thereby making installation much easier.

Finally, check that there are local regulations in your area that may restrict the placement of your solar collector.
In some areas may also need a building permit. Your installer should be able to help you with these issues.

Understanding as well as process ones Solar System

Understanding as well as process ones Solar System, your current Sun, the planet, along with Rainbow

The solar system is often a group regarding celestial bodies consisting of any sun As your own center as well as source associated with light surrounded through the planets along with the satellites, asteroids (planetoid), comets, as well as meteors. How OUR solar program formed at the universe? there are several theories or hypotheses for you to explain these kinds of questions, among others hypothesis Fog, planetesimal theory, theory regarding Tidal Stars and vortex theory. jual tenaga surya

The theory of your formation of a solar system:

1. Hypothesis Fog
Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), a German national, Develop a hypothesis Around the solar system. That is said The item on the universe there\’s gunpalan swirling clouds slowly. your middle section of a fog gradually became blob associated with gas The item later became area of an sun plus the surrounding mist in to planets along with satellites.

2. planetesimal theory
Thomas C. Chamberlin a great geologist and also Forest R Moulton astronomer exactly who put forward your theory known Just like the theory connected with planetesimals, that will means a small planet. the theory STATES the sun offers existed Just like solitary of an star. solitary moment your current sun passed that has a star with an distance This really is not too far shingga events tide on the surface of a sun and also stars, and also area of a mass of any sun attracted towards star. in the time of your star away, all of the mass of a sun fall back towards surface of an whole solar and partly scattered in to space About the sun. This is called planetesimals The idea then possibly be planets orbit of around it\’s orbit.

3. Tidal Theory associated with Stars
Tidal theory am primary proposed from James Jeans within 1917. the planet will be consumed formed due to the approach associated with another star towards sun. the situation can be almost collided causing attraction of your large number involving material from the sun and other stars via tidal forces as well as them, which will be and then condensed in planets, but astronomers Harold Jeffreys throughout 1929 denied That these types of an collision The idea was nearly impossible. Similarly, astronomer Henry Norris Russell expressed his objections towards hypothesis.

4. Theory vortex
Stated from Karl Von Weiszackermenurut Weiszacker, nebulae (clouds) consisting connected with vortex-vortices (eddies) This can be ones nature of an movement involving gas. your movement involving gas on the nebula causing the pattern associated with cells turbulent (turbulent). for the turbulent boundary between cells, occurs collisions between particles in which next enlarges and becomes a planet.
There tend to be numerous hypotheses Concerning the origin of your solar method may be put forward from experts, are usually In the same way follows:

1. Hypothesis Nebula
According to be able to your hypothesis, your own planets originated through incandescent rotating fog forming your current rings, shaped blobs tend to be after that frozen directly into ones Planet. the particular theory was presented by Immanuel Kant and also Pierre Simon de Laplace.
Description :
a) Nebula derived from gas and also dust, mostly in ones sun.
b) formed the Sun along with other planets are usually still Incandescent.
c) your current sun formed planets scattered undirected.
d) ones sun rotates from their axis, your planets formed atmosphere.
e) your own planet formed ones atmosphere, life at earth features arisen because the existing layers of any atmosphere.

2. Hypothesis Planetisimal
According to be able to Thomas C. Chamberlain along with Forest R. Moulton inside 1900. your sun as well as other stars from one day passed very close in order to each other. as being a result, there was an sort connected with tide in addition to a good large gas sucked with the sun through the gravitational pull of a additional stars.
Due to help this, your ups and also downs regarding these types of gases revolved Regarding the sun as well as began decreasing temperature and condense to form tricky particles in different sizes called planetasimal (small planet). Particles larger so-called Knot, acting as being a nucleus due to the formation of planets.
The core pull and also signing in some other planetesiamal planets smaller along with eventually became an larger mass to form planets smaller That becomes planetoida, meteors and even satellites of the planets.

3. Tidal Hypothesis Stars
According to help the hypothesis, the attractive forces between your own sun that has a big star, thus that the sun formed bulge like cigar. Cigar are loose in addition to disjointed This form droplets The idea condense for you to application form planets. the particular theory was proposed coming from James Jeans. However, where did ones separated gas The idea formed planet ????

4. Hypothesis Condensation
Condensation hypothesis originally put forward through the Dutch astronomer named GP Kuiper (1905-1973) throughout 1950. your condensation hypothesis explains how the solar method formed via a giant rotating ball mist forming giant discs.

5. Hypothesis Twin Star
Twin star hypothesis feel originally proposed through Fred Hoyle (1915-2001) with 1956. your current hypothesis suggests This To start with MY solar technique in the application involving two stars associated with similar size and adjacent to be able to individual involving them exploded leaving small fragments.

6. ones Big Bang Hypothesis
Formation of a universe along with the solar system starting via the powerful boom exploded, menyebarlah hydrogen clouds of dust and debris, ones explosion involving dust along with hydrogen clouds application form stars. ones sun can be individual regarding them.
Due towards intermolecular Force regarding gravity causes a good circular motion, becomes your own central segment of your Sun, though various other aggregates in planets.
When the transmit power of your much better sunlight, ones veil connected with gas That is located closer towards the sun swept away and so It the size becomes smaller and also congested. Planet Mercury’s atmosphere is actually wiped clean in addition to Venus, even though your Earth will be the third planet in ideal.

Benefits of Honey For Beauty Face And Skin

1. Protect Skin
Of the many benefits provided honey, protect the skin are the main capabilities. The content of antioxidants, anti-fungal and anti-microbial can heal wounds, rashes and fight skin infections.
2. Prevent Skin Aging
Honey can also help reduce the signs of aging. You can seemingly ageless because of the content of the honey that can counteract free radicals. This honey can be made into a toner. Make a mixture of toner of two teaspoons of lemon, two tablespoons of honey and water. Then mix these ingredients into a clean bottle and shake until evenly distributed. To use, apply as you use the toner in general, by pouring a few drops onto a cotton swab and rub it on your face that has been cleaned.45
3. Moisturize Skin
Honey has long been known as a natural ingredient, that when used regularly, can soften the skin and dry hair in most circumstances. You can apply honey to your face and neck area or mix with other natural ingredients to make your skin softer.
4. heal wounds in the skin
Infection and injury can be minimized by eating honey. This is due to the content of honey has anti-microbial. The essence of sugar in honey can accelerate the healing process of wounds.
5. Clean Skin
It sounds strange indeed when honey is said to be cleaner. However, the content of the natural enzymes in the honey, when mixed with water, can create a soft fluid antiseptics to cleanse the skin thoroughly without reducing your natural oil content.
6. Maintain Skin Beauty
You can do two ways at once in eating honey. Drink regularly and apply it directly to the skin and hair. The nutrients in the honey such as magnesium, potassium and calcium contribute to the regeneration of the skin that encourages cells to create healthy and beautiful skin.
7. Overcome Acne
Acne is often a problem for women. To eliminate it you can apply honey on the acne and let stand for 15 minutes then rinse. The anti bacterial efficacious kill acne and cleanse the stain.

National Film Versus Cinema

National Film Versus Cinema

download (1)

“Mas Jokowi, iki tenant you know, sir. Indonesia ora duwe movie theaters. ”

Slamet Rahardjo Djarot

Ahead of the celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the National Films on March 30, 2015, a number of cultural and director / producer of the film Homeland concerned about the condition of our film industry due to the film horor behavior of a group of cinema is considered discriminatory, unethical. It seems Garin Nugroho is now “mature”. He claims that there are national film audience unloaded / removed by the cinema screenings arbitrarily, while import Hollywood films continue to play even though they had no audience. This behavior is not fair to make Garin begged President Joko Widodo immediately intervene to fix the imbalances in the management of our film.

The Slamet Rahardjo Djarot draw the attention of the President to receive the Lifetime Achievement award at the FFI 2015 in Palembang. For the first time had the honor attended by the President.

“Flag carrier”

Caliber filmmaker Garin Nugroho and Slamet Rahardjo quite aware that the art of film is the flag carrier of its national culture. They are fully entitled to plant a flag that culture in every corner of the motherland. So, if there is a cinema or theater groups that block, harass, and even to reject the embedding flag in the earth where the cinema was grounded, if this is not an arrogance and a big mistake?

Hans Gunadi, President Director of Cinema 21, accompanied Corporate Cinema 21 Catherine Keng visiting the office Editor of Kompas in Jakarta on Tuesday (7/4). On that occasion, Hans stated that the film in the country remains a place to be screened in cinemas Cinema 21 because it is a commitment to advancing Cinema 21 film Indonesia.

Is it true? Consider some of the following contradictory facts: until about ten years ago cinema Blok M Plaza 21 is already a huge potential for national films. In fact, never happened throughout the six-screen movie play only national. However, it never happened again, and the majority of films shown in cinemas are only imported films. Why?

Furthermore, when the Cinema 21 seriously determined to advance the national film industry as proposed earlier Hans, why almost every time Cinema 21 advertise the opening of a new cinema sail 4, 6, and 8, do not play the national film? Is not worthy of national films screened at the opening of the cinema? One striking thing is that the majority of national film advertising is not published in The Jakarta Post, while the ads plastered all Indian movies in TJP by two columns. Why?

Hans also said, “it is easier to make the decision to lower imports from the movie screen to lower than national films”. It is easy to lower the import of US films non-major company, especially the import of the film is the actual PT Omega Film related to Cinema 21. The films of major new company could be lowered if the percentage of viewers under the percentage set by the major company. Lowering the film they carelessly even fatal consequences for the cinema.

Instead of lowering, reject not play movies that have been scheduled by a major company they are powerless. This was proven when they “only” put a movie out of Hollywood, Ant-Man, while the long holiday of Eid as their bias against the country’s own films (Kompas, 11/7). It should be explained here that during the month of fasting, cinema did not play national films. In fact, it has become a kind of habit of many years of cinema play 8 to 10 titles of national films outside the month of fasting.

The question is, why only four national films were screened before Lebaran? Whether cinema can not make it as a free foreign movies? It can not be! According to US magazine, Time, edition 01-06 2015, showtimes Ant-Man has been pegged simultaneously on 17-7-2015! So do not speak their own domestic movie theaters sided because only play one imported film, the Ant-Man earlier.

Hopefully nationwide screening four films before Lebaran, Heaven Not be missed, for Hilal, Comic 8 Casino Kings (Part-I), and Application, menyemut audience and not even swallowed by “Ant Man”!

Finally Hans hopes that the national film makers to produce quality films and appreciated by the public. If the film shortage audience, cinema owners difficult to survive. Why only national film were adorned with quality and appreciated by the public, while the foreign movies are not? Are the majority of Indian film quality and the like? It feels just My Name Is Khan and PK fulfill these criteria.

Still associated with a visit to the Editor Compass, Catherine Keng adds, “although the number of imported films is greater than the national movie, not necessarily the opportunity to cinemas in Indonesia”. Frankly, Catherine dishonest. In fact, when the part of the acquisition transaction for the movie Twilight movie are three episodes it, the Summit Twilight Pictures, which handles sales under any circumstances do not want to let go without the films “marriage”.

Well, the films marriage that is not played. Similarly, the Indian film, Kites, the distributors in the US “marry” with other Indian films, namely Welcome Abba. As a result, Welcome Abba should still be bought even if not playing. This is what is termed “Paid but unplayed”.

Complete overhaul

The presence of a new government-government Jokowi-JK-current euphoria was still limited. It is true that for the first time the President attended the FFI in Palembang end of last year, and even then the President invited the filmmakers to discussion at the national palace while watching movies.

Although there is a spirit of the President, even with hard to give a time limit of one year to the minister and the parties that govern national film, yet has not felt any concrete measures which give hope. Speech and the spirit of the President seemed to stop after the national film workers stair treads down the Palace to go home. Invisible strategic move whatever is done to promote national film executive.

In order for snapping the President that on March 30, 2016 anniversary of the revival of the film became a reality and no longer a pipe dream, the effort to revamp the national film comprehensively and structurally required as soon as possible. Everything is bright and visible visually. So what are you waiting?

Now is the time for a complete overhaul or not at all, Mr. President!