Minimalist Kitchen Design for Small House

minimalist kitchen design imagePeople who have a small house will think hardly to arrange their house from the bed room until the bath room. The problem that is usually found when arranging the house is how to arrange the kitchen in the minimalist room. Whereas the good kitchen is a kitchen that can be used for cooking, saving and putting some kitchen sets. In addition, the kitchen must give the nice atmospheres for cooking every time. For solve this problem, there are some tips and tricks how to design the minimalist kitchen for the small house.

Choosing color is an important thing to make the comfortable minimalist kitchen in the small house. People can use some particular colors to paint their room that must be matched with the condition such as using the bright and neutral colors to make the clean and fresh sense such as green, orange and red, moreover the red can add appetizing of eating some foods. The main color that shall be used for the kitchen is the white when painting the wall, the floor and the plafond because it makes the minimalist kitchen as large as possible, clean and also healthy. In addition, some green kitchen sets and light-green furniture can be combined in this room to make fresh and modern. However, the color will be worse without the light.

Giving the suitable light is the useful activity when someone designs the kitchen, especially the minimalist kitchen in the small house. The kitchen can be given the glass window in the side of the kitchen because it can loss the tiredness and built the mood to cooking as a long time. Moreover, it makes the minimalist kitchen beautifully and keeps of the humidity in the kitchen and makes comfortable kitchen. In the other hand, the kitchen can be given a little light in the night with covering the lamp with the beautiful oval canopy that can be designed before. And the beautiful light will be complete if there are some suitable sets in the kitchen.

The minimalist kitchen with the multifunction of the saving the kitchen sets. It can be released with buying the small shelves that can be put in the top of the kitchen to spend a little place.  Put the useful set that usually use into the shelves and save other usefulness things in other room. To design the minimalist kitchen, person can choose the suitable color, give a circulations and way to enter the light and use some useful sets and put it in the shelves.  All of it can be references to make an interior or design the minimalist kitchen well that appropriate with own creative ideas. And I hope you can use the minimalist kitchen that you have as comfortable as possible.

Formal Hairstyle For Short Hair

Formal hairstyle means that the hairstyle has neat and tidy haircut. Having formal hairstyle make you become more elegant and glamor. Formal hairstyle is very suitable for long and short hair. So, you can choose which one the most suitable with your appearance. At the present, many women like choosing short hair to complete their appearance one of the choice is formal hairstyle for short hair.

Formal HairstyleChoosing this haircut makes your appearance especially your hair’s appearance always neat and tidy along the day. Having short hair also easier to arrange  and easy to give the treatment. Having short and formal hairstyle is recommended for the businesswoman. This is because, this hairstyle is  very simple and suitable for the  businesswoman who very active and has many activities so they  do not have many times to arrange the hair.

Formal hairstyle is suitable for the woman and for all occasion like for meeting, attending wedding party, teaching, and the other formal occasion. Choosing formal hairstyle also suitable for the other occasion like hanging out with friends or family, enjoying the holiday, and the other daily occasion besides easy to arrange. Having formal hair does not mean that your hair looks old or uninteresting, you can make your formal hair still looks beautiful by arranging your hair well and also make your hair always fresh by giving the suitable color on your hair.

Choosing short hair make you looks younger and fresher because your short hair does not close almost your back body. There are many formal hairstyle for short hair that you can choose to apply on your hair. Before choosing the certain hairstyle, this is better for you to ask your hair dresser about the haircut model that you will apply for your hair. So, you can get the appropriate hairstyle to make your appearance looks more beautiful.

For the real application of formal hairstyles for short hair, you can look at the world celebrities’ hair like Victoria Beckham. She has short hair, but her short hair is a kind of a formal hairstyle. She looks very beautiful with her short hair and her short hair also appropriate to apply for all condition because formal hairstyle does not always use for formal occasions only.  Choosing formal hairstyle for your hair make you become beautiful and it can increase your confidence because you need not much money and time to treat your hair or to arrange your hair to make your hair become neat and tidy. You just need to comb your hair correctly so your hair becomes neat and tidy hair.

The Advantages Of Having Very Short Hairstyles

Having beautiful hair is all the people want. Having beautiful hair is not only  the women’s wants but also the men wants. They will do anything to make their hair to be beautiful and healthy. One of their efforts to make their hair to be beautiful is cutting their hair based on the newest hairstyles. For the women there are many  kinds of new and modern hairstyles that suitable to apply for the women’s hair. One of the modern hairstyles that very popular among the other hairstyles is very short hairstyles. Many celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson also ever cut their hair into very short. Cutting the hair into short model does not mean that you are tomboy. Cutting the hair into very short can make your appearance look fresh  and younger.

There are many models of very short hair that you can apply for your hair to make your appearance fresher and different from before. Very short hair is the haircut  is above the shoulder. You can color you hair with your favorite color to make your hair become more stylish and beautiful. You can use your short hair for working, doing daily activities,  going to the party, or hanging out with your friends. Having short hair or very short hair make you feel easier to treat and care your hair because you need not waste many times to treat your hair. Choosing the suitable hairstyles make your appearance look fresher, younger, and more beautiful. Before applying short hair for your hair, this is better for you to ask about your new hairstyle to your hairstylish.

Very Short HairstylesAt the present, there are many women who choose very short hairstyle for their appearance. And almost of them are businesswoman, this is because short hair make them easier to arrange their hair. Having short or very short hair is very simple to arrange and to treat the hair. Here, you just need to make your hair curly or just arrange your hair by using comb and give your hair some small clips and you can color your hair with  your favorite color. Having short or very short hair does not meant that you will take much times to make your hair to be long again. For the modern era like now, you can make your hair become long by giving your hair some hair extension to make your hair become long.

Having very short hairstyles is very suitable for the women from child until adult. For the kids is very suitable to have short and very short hair because they are very active and need more time to treat the kids’ hair. For having very short hair, you can look at the world celebrities’ hair who ever cut their hair become very short like Emma Watson, Miley  Cyrus, and many others for the recomendation of the new models of the hairstyles. Make your appearance to be more beautiful by cutting your hair into the newest model of very short haircut.

Some Technique for Haircuts

Some Technique for Haircut

A straight hair is a gift from God. That is really amazing having that hair. You can make many styles for your hair when they are straight. Though, there are many experts say that the straight hair has the tendency to fall flat. By having that hair, women have the chance to make the angles, layers, and bangs. Straight hair must be cut in the right hair cut perfectly.

The right cut is the best condition when you can look as beautiful as you want. So that it is okay to make sure that the hair that you have is in haircut. It is important not to make mistake in cutting hair. There are some techniques in the haircut in order to make it perfect. For a blunt style is for example. It is the good idea to but blunt keeps the thickness and fullness of the hair. You can also make some layers in the long style. That is not bad idea to a make it.

The nest is about the dry cutting. To make it strong, the dry cutting with scissors is good technique. Thinking about razor? Some experts say that it is the forbidden one. They will sheer your hair and sever the ends. Women might think about how to style straight hair. It is the good one when they want to learn a little about the technique of good haircut. The various hairstyles will help women to change the look or make it better. Thinking about how to style straight hair is a job for the professional in haircut. Finding the best hairstyle is not simple anyway. You need to get the some suggestion and the review about some hairstyle that has been exists.

The age might the one that includes to the factor influencing the taste of people in deciding the hairstyles or even the fashion. For the little girls, they might love the thing that is sweet and simple anyway. There are many kind of hair style that is loved by the women adult also. It is really crazy think that the hairstyles are various in the color and the style. For the teenage girl, they might just only want to make fun with hair. It is kind of amazing thing that they want to make them to be the favorite and popular girl at school belong to the friends.

The short hair is not the thing that makes someone to be lack of confidence. It might the one that give the chance of girl to make something gorgeous with their hair. Short hairstyles for teenage girls must be simple, because it is not the time for them to spend a lot of time to go to salon and do the treatment. Though, they must have the beauty thing. That is caused they will have a lot of agenda with friends and the party. The wave or even the straight styles are not bad idea to get the idea of it.

Going to school and party are the part of the teenage girls live. The age of teen is amazing and awesome. There are many chances to make the good memorize. It makes they want to have the good look when the age in teen. Having short hairstyles for teenage girls are the big thing that help them to be the great girl at school. Teen is the age when the sweet moment comes and make the  time to become beautiful.

Easy Cupcake Recipe for Beginners

Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

There is one cake that you can choose as a delicious snack to accompany your afternoon tea properly. One of these is cupcakes. This cake is so soft and sweet. We can guarantee that your family would love it. And it would be very encouraging if you can make it yourself. There are some steps to make to decorate a colorful cupcake draw attention to such materials available in the cupcake recipe below:


  • 40 g butter
  • 135 grams of powdered sugar
  • 55 ounces cream cheese
  • 4 eggs
  • 35 g margarine
  • 25 g of green tea powder (to taste)
  • 40 grams of liquid milk
  • 240 grams of starch
  • 2 teaspoon baking powder

Cupcake Recipe, How to Make Cupcake:

  1. Whisk sugar or mixer, cream cheese, butter and margarine until smooth and evenly.
  2. Add eggs one at a time alternately with the flour. Then beat at medium speed, add the milk and stir until evenly distributed.
  3. Once the dough is quite fluffy and evenly, pour the batter into muffin tins that have been paved with a paper cup.
  4. Oven temperature dough with 190 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.
  5. Then remove and let cool.

How to Decorate Cupcake recipe with Butter Cream:

Previously you can make butter cream yourself at home or buy ready-made to be more practical.

  • Flatten the surface of the cupcake using a knife.
  • Spread with butter cream until evenly distributed.
  • Put butter cream into a plastic triangle, had previously been given in accordance with the taste of food coloring.
  • Put the syringe to be used to form the decoration pattern into the plastic and the edges have been given a small hole.
  • Start on the surface of the cupcake decorating suit your taste and creativity.

How to Decorate Cupcake recipe with Fondant:

  • The fondant form similar with playdough or wax which used as children’s toys.
  • Milled / flatten the fondant using a rolling pin or a clean glass bottle.
  • Brush the surface of the cupcake with peanut butter.
  • Cut the fondant to fit on the surface of the cupcake, then put it on the surface of the cupcake.
  • Create a variety of shapes using icing personalized decoration cutter.
  • Stick and put ornaments that you have created on the surface which has been coated fondant cupcake, spread a little water as an adhesive.

Cupcake funny even been able to be served.

Elegant Purple Wedding Cakes Ideas

One of the best moments in our lives that perhaps only once we do is get married. Because this moment is so special, then there will be no one who has a mind to mess up the special moment by making various efforts is fixed so that they can be remember that moment throughout life. Therefore, they have a habit to plan everything in advance before coming days which were gained. One integral part of the wedding is the wedding cake.

purple wedding cake pictureIn this case, the selection of the wedding cake can be something that really makes you dizzy if you do not prepare properly. We provide you with an idea that is special purple wedding cakes. Why should the cake with a dominant color purple? In terminology, the color purple has always symbolized something big and dynamic also simultaneously symbolize love between two hearts so that eventually they can be united with a bond until the end of life.

Have a special course for high expectations. Moreover if they are able to realize these hopes becomes a reality. Surely they will never run out of ideas to give a special touch to the cake. Purple wedding cakes have a special meaning that can make your party more festive atmosphere.

In addition there are some special designs that can be added to make the cake into something meaningful. You can add two small replica, you and your partner on the toppers. It will be a special feature for wedding cakes that we often see in a lot of weddings. It is also a good idea to try out some details about how assessment fits with the overall design of the party.

You do still have to make some special design to complement the decorating party, but by providing a purple wedding cakes is able to make the job much easier. Wedding cakes will be the center of attention of the guests, in addition to you both as a major focus of course. That way when there are other parts that you can not cover it perfectly, then this cake will work to resolve the problem well and smoothly.